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1st Article of Faith

on June 29, 2012

We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost. -1st Article of Faith

Last night I was reading a blog called Impress Your Kids. I had been on Pinterest looking for some ideas to incorporate for scripture study with my two boys. I know it’s called Impress Your Kids, but the blog really impressed me! The woman that writes this blog wanted to have some verses for her daughter to memorize that went along with the alphabet. I’ve seen this idea before, but never for that young of a child. Even though this woman is not LDS like me, I was very impressed with her faith. She wants her daughter to understand God and use that knowledge in her life.

Well, as I was reading, the wheels in my head were turning. I have seen the ABC scripture idea lots of times, but never for Book of Mormon verses. I really liked the idea of doing a craft along with the scripture to help emphasize the meaning of the scripture. Well, I decided there just wasn’t a blog that had what I wanted; therefore, it was simply up to me to create one myself.

Rather than starting with ABC scriptures, I wanted to start with the Articles of Faith since I have been working on the songs with my Little Bear (3) for a few months now. We now have 1-6 memorized! I want to do even more with the Articles of Faith though, so Little Bear really understands what they mean. You know, scripture study as opposed to just scripture memorizing. I plan to do this with Little Bear every morning while Smiley Man is taking a nap. When Smiley Man no longer takes his morning nap, then he’ll just do scripture study with us.

So, here is what we did with the 1st Article of Faith. First, I went to . You know about this website already, right? It’s the best! Ever! Really! If you haven’t ever been there, go there now! Okay, now that that’s out of the way. I went to their page for the 1st Article of Faith. Of course I found tons of ideas. Under Handouts: I printed off the “Bookmarks by Kathie Bennion” Under Puzzles: I downloaded the “Article of Faith Puzzles by Heather Baer”. I only printed page 2 of the document, but I will definitely be going back to it for the other Articles of Faith. Last of all, I found a picture of the Godhead from .

Here are all of the materials we used for this activity.

Before getting Little Bear involved, I cut out the picture of the Godhead and even cut the people out so there were three separate pictures. I also cut one bookmark out and covered it in packing tape (poor man’s lamination šŸ™‚ ). Last, I cut out the puzzle pieces. Whew, all that work for just one little kiddo. šŸ˜‰ Of course it was totally worth it.

In a really excited voice, I told Little Bear that we were going to learn some more about the 1st Article of Faith. We started by singing the 1st Article of Faith. Then, we sang it again, but this time we pointed to the people that I had cut out as we sang. We pointed to the big person when we sang “God, the Eternal Father”, the smaller person when we sang “and in his son, Jesus Christ”, and the “invisible” person when we sang “and in the Holy Ghost.”

So, for the craft that I invented all on my own (which means it’s not very cool or crafty even), my son glued Heavenly Father onto a piece of construction paper, then he cut it out. Then, he glued that onto a bigger piece of construction paper.

Here is Heavenly Father glued down. My son is now putting glue on Jesus Christ, which he will then attach to the white construction paper. Then, he’ll cut it out and glue that to the green construction paper next to Heavenly Father. Woah, I am not very good at explaining crafts, who knew?

Here is my son cutting out the Holy Ghost.

Once they were all glued down, here’s what it looked like.

My son even wrote “The Godhead” at the top. He has such good handwriting, right? Okay, maybe I wrote it. Pretend it still looks like amazingly good handwriting.

I wanted to get the idea across that each member of the Godhead is a separate being, yet they are all one in the Godhead. Plus, Little Bear LOVES cutting a little too much. When this was all done, I whipped out the bookmark I had covered in packing tape. I read it and explained a little more simply what it meant. I told Little Bear that we could use it in the scriptures for family scripture study. He was pretty excited about that.

I got the puzzle out that I had cut and let Little Bear color it. Let me tell you he is big into coloring.

What, you don’t see those tiny red marks on each piece of the puzzle. That’s what Little Bear colored. I said, “That’s all you want to color?” He said “Yep.” Yeah, maybe he likes cutting a little bit more. šŸ™‚

When the puzzle was completed, we sang the 1st Article of Faith one more time and pointed to the different parts of the puzzle when we got to that part. Then we put the pieces away in a sandwich bag.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll put all the materials into a file folder or something so I can keep them all together for future use. Come back next week for the 2nd Article of Faith installment. I think one scripture a week is good for this age, right? As long as we do something with it every day. I guess I’m going to have to find lots of activities for the 2nd Article of Faith!


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