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5th Article of Faith – Tuesday

on August 15, 2012


Tuesday: Clay hands
As always, Little Bear and I started the day with reading the 5th Article of Faith from the scriptures. Little Bear then put together the 5th Article of Faith puzzle and we sang the words as we pointed to them.

Next, we got ready for some crazy fun scripture study! I talked to Little Bear about what “laying on of hands” means. I listed a few times that the laying on of hands happens in the church (blessings, ordinations, baptism confirmation, etc.). I then told him that we were going to make some hands to represent the laying on of hands! We used this link from Busy Bee Kids Crafts. I have to say, I have a hard time doing activities that take a long of time or a lot of clean up. This activity had both so hoorah for me for doing it anyway! It was definitely worth it.

Here are ALL the ingredients you need for this craft. Well, technically there is no water in the measuring cups, but seriously, you only need 3 ingredients. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

We poured everything into a saucepan and mixed away.

Here is it getting much harder.

I took over the mixing once it got too *hard for Little Bear. And by *hard, I mean the stove was too hot and Little Bear didn’t want to mix anymore. That happened pretty early. 🙂

Next, we took the clay out of the saucepan and put it on tin foil. The recipe says to use saran wrap, but we didn’t have any and tin foil worked just fine.

When I first put the clay onto the tin foil, the bottom of my saucepan was pretty coated with this mixture. I was more than a little ticked off because I thought I would never be able to clean it out. As a poor, young family, ruining a nice saucepan on one fun activity is a pretty big deal. I immediately filled the saucepan full of water and didn’t touch it for a few hours. When I did try to clean it out, it came right out, so I had no reason to worry. Moral of the story, this will not ruin your pan, so do it anyway. 🙂

We let the clay cool off a little bit and then “we” (pretty much only me) kneaded the clay until it was nice and smooth. Here it is at the beginning of kneading.

And here it is after a few minutes of kneading. You can see it is much smoother.

Next, we rolled out the clay until it was nice and flat. It was slightly less than 1/2 inch thick. I would definitely recommend making it a lot thinner. It still wasn’t all the way dry by Friday. I’d say even less than 1/4 inch would be the perfect width.

Next, I had Little Bear put his hands onto the clay so I could trace them.

I had this great idea to use a pizza cutter to cut the hands.

Turns out this was only a great idea in theory. I had a really hard time getting around the corners and in between Little Bear’s fingers. I used a plain old butter knife to do the other hand and it worked much better and looked much cleaner. Sorry I don’t have a good picture of it. Little Bear had to take it for me because I was using both hands.

I made a shallow outline of Little Bear’s hand with the butter knife, then had him move his hand. Then, I cut all the way through to get the hand. Next, we put the hands onto paper bowls. This was another great idea only in theory. I thought it would help the hands to dry because the backside wasn’t completely covered. Instead, the hands bent a little and a few of the fingers fell off. Whoops! 🙂 A little elmer’s glue did fix the fingers, but save yourself the trouble and just lay the hands flat and turn them over after a day to dry the back.

Notice how much better the hand on the right looks. That was the hand that I cut using a butter knife.

This recipe made a bunch of clay. I originally was worried that we would have enough for the hands, but we had plenty and ended up making a few other things.

We even used the rainbow later in the week for preschool when we talked about colors. In fact, we even had a bit more clay that I put in a zip lock bag to use later. We might have to make another clay creation for scripture study!



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