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2nd Article of Faith

We believe that men will be punished for their own sins and not for Adam’s transgression. -2nd Article of Faith

Well, I have officially done one full week of scripture study with my Little Bear. There have been a few days of “No, Mom, I don’t want to do scripture study.” But for the most part, he has enjoyed it. I have enjoyed teaching Little Bear about the gospel. After all, the 2,000 Stripling Warriors taught us that that is what mothers do. 😉  Here is our week in a rather large nutshell.


Monday: Puzzle

We first reviewed our scripture from last week (the 1st Article of Faith) by singing it. Next, we found the 2nd Article of Faith in my scriptures (Little Bear just has the Book of Mormon). He really liked seeing it in the scriptures because so far he has only heard the song. We sang the 2nd Article of Faith and while we were singing I pointed to the words in the scriptures.

After that I gave Little Bear the pieces to the 2nd Article of Faith puzzle. I let him color the puzzle pieces any way he wanted. He did quite a bit more coloring than last week. 🙂

While he was coloring, I briefly told him the story of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit. I ended with this synopsis “If you make a bad choice, you will be punished. If someone else, like Adam, does something wrong, you won’t be punished for it.” When he finished  coloring, he put the puzzle together on the blank puzzle page. And when it was finished, we said the 2nd Article of Faith again and pointed to each of the phrases as we said them.


Tuesday: Good Choice/Bad Choice Sort

We started today again by finding the 2nd Article of Faith in my scriptures. This time we read the words as I pointed, rather than singing them. We talked about how if Little Bear does something wrong, he will be punished. I pulled out the baggie with a game I had made and Little Bear was ultra excited. I don’t know why he thought it was so cool, but hey, I’m not complaining. I made picture cards with different situations written on the back that were either good or bad choices.

There was also a sorting mat that I made with “Good Choice” on one side and “Bad Choice” on the other. I added a smiley face, a sad face, etc. to cue which was the good choice side and the bad choice side since my almost 4 year old Little Bear can’t read. Little Bear sorted all of the picture cards and here is what it looked like.

I just made these picture cards and the mat using the free clip art from Microsoft. If you want a list of the situations, here they are:

Two boys with their arms around each other – You were nice to a boy even when other kids weren’t

Boy setting table – You set the table (Little Bear’s chore)

Boy hugging his mom – You gave mommy a hug when she fell down

Little girl praying – You said prayers before bed

Scriptures – You read the scriptures

Birthday card – You wrote a letter to your uncle on a mission

Woman yelling – You yelled at Mom

Man with fist punching – You hit your brother

Boys laughing and one telling a secret – You told a mean joke

Man at a podium – You gave a talk in Primary

Angry boy – You were mad at Mommy when she asked you to set the table.

Letter blocks – You didn’t share your toys.


Wednesday: Talk about good/bad choices

My plan for today was just to talk about good and bad choices. It was the 4th of July so I didn’t want anything too time consuming. We also sang the 2nd Article of Faith throughout the day. Little Bear wanted to do the sort from yesterday again, so we did. We talked a bit more about the meaning of the 2nd Article of Faith, but that was about it.


Thursday: Guess the Next Word

We first read and sang the 2nd Article of Faith with the scriptures. I told Little Bear we were going to play a game. I would say some of the 2nd Article of Faith and then I would stop. He would have to say the next word. If he was right, he would get a point. When he got 10 points, he got a prize (a dum dum sucker leftover from the 4th of July). I just used a post-it note to record the points.

Little Bear was just a little too good at this. He kept finishing the rest of the Article of Faith instead of just saying the next word. I still think it was good practice and he loved getting a prize. Today, he also did the puzzle from Monday, but this time he glued the puzzle pieces down. He like that better because the pieces stayed right where he put them.


Friday: Adam and Eve Picture

We started by saying the 2nd Article of Faith. Little Bear was really excited about scripture study today which was great because yesterday he didn’t want to do it at all. Good thing I had something fun planned! We reviewed the story of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit. I asked him what happens if he does something wrong. He said, “I get punished.” Then I asked what happens if someone else does something wrong. He said, “Then I don’t get punished.” He’s got that down pat!

For the activity, I got a plain piece of white paper. I drew an outline of a tree with brown and green crayon. I told Little Bear to draw some fruit on the tree.

Then, I told him to paint the trunk and tree with watercolors. He did the trunk first with no argument. When he got to the top of the tree, he painted all the way around his fruit until I finally convinced him that he would still be able to see the fruit after he painted over it. 🙂

I also drew Adam and Eve to the side and he drew fruit in the hands. I did stick figures because they are naked and I just didn’t think that drawing anatomically correct people would be the way to go. I found out that I have AMAZING stick figure drawing skills when Little Bear and I had this conversation about Adam and Eve.

Little Bear: What are those?

Me: Those are people. They are Adam and Eve. See, they are kind of sad because they have to leave the Garden of Eden.

Little Bear: But, are they aliens?

Me: (chuckling) No, they’re people. Just pretend they look like people.

They’re not that bad, right?

Here is the final product:

Little Bear really liked this activity, especially that he could still see his fruit even with the green painted on it. We’ll see what next week brings…

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